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For as long as I can remember, I've always enjoyed creating. From fashion to painting to beauty, creating and connecting has always been what moves me. I started my brow journey in 2006 perfecting my craft on close friends, classmates and anyone who expressed interest. I didn't realize it at the time but gaining their trust to make them beautiful sparked a passion that has blossomed with me through every stage in my life. I studied Esthetics at The Douglas J. Aveda Institute of Royal Oak, Michigan but my path at the time led me to retail management & customer service.


Those were years that I had to set my craft on the back burner, but even then I kept it close to my heart. Looking back on my years in the retail industry, I now see the purpose it served. I was being taught how to truly understand and meet the needs of people. to see how much my business has grown now as a result is nothing short of a blessing. The journey has not always been smooth or steady, but my drive never wavered. The goal was always there.  My life and my growth is a testament to the inevitable return you can and will receive when you continue to walk in gratefulness. My goal now is to pour all the gratefulness back into my business, back into my clients by establishing a brand that creates a space for real connections and true beauty...which always starts on the inside.

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